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Chasing Dreams

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Australian owned and made, The Prodigy Co carefully source ingredients to ensure all the fragrances are created from only natural essential oils and extracts; to combine the utmost natural and nurturing experience to our customers. Each fragrance has been specifically formulated to embody a specific mood and emotion a parent may be navigating, to create a loving family of their own. 
Why we support -
One in six couples will require fertility help to create a family of their own. For these couples the dream of starting a family, don't come easily, or naturally. With medical assistance and the right resources, these couples will be able to make their dreams come true.
What we support - 
20% of proceeds from this candle go toward funding innovative research and services with respect to women's reproductive health.
About the scent -
The scent has been created for its romantic and dreamy properties. When we dream of creating a family we're filled hope and optimism. We dream big and chase it with full hearts. The composure of rose, honey and boronia in the scent has been formulated to inject love and romance into the air. 
Additional information -
Hand-poured in Melbourne.  
Made from 100% soy wax.