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Morning Fog

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Australian owned and made, The Prodigy Co carefully source ingredients to ensure all the fragrances are created from only natural essential oils and extracts; to combine the utmost natural and nurturing experience to our customers. Each fragrance has been specifically formulated to embody a specific mood and emotion a parent may be navigating, to create a loving family of their own. 
Why we support -
A lot changes when you have a baby; your body, your identity and relationships. It can be extremely overwhelming at times and sometimes you just need to disconnect from the busy, judgmental world and enjoy some time out for yourself. 
What we support - 
20% of profits from this candle go toward providing resources for parents who are navigating through the emotional roller coaster of parenthood.
About the scent -
The scent has been created for its soft and calming properties. Lavender, is known to help the mind and body heal, focus and unwind. Cucumber partners perfectly with its stronger scent, amongst the others, to provide harmony and a refreshing counterbalance. 

Additional information -
Hand-poured in Melbourne.  
Made from 100% soy wax.